App4Fee SMS Software

This is a very intuitive application for sending sms messages to individuals, your customers or a group. It include composing a new message to be sent and adding the destination contacts and sending the message(s) at the click. Keeping a record track of all messages you have sent in the past as well as the individual contacts.

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Basic Functionalities
  • send a quick message
  • send a bulk message
  • view past messages
  • view/edit your contacts, etc
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App4Fee SMS Requirements
  • A computer system
  • Internet service
  • Source of electricity
  • Subscription continuity
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Why is it so great?

Wait! Wait!! Wait!!!. Did you really ask that question and wants a response? Okay, Read on to find just three (3) of the various reasons you should have subscribed way back.


Our Delivery analysis report identifies the actual number of successful SMS delivered to the destination. The report shows how many SMS have been sent to the destinations, how many are pending and also how many have failed for some reasons. This Analytics serves as the tools you need to know in order to make some decisions.


By providing your team with software training, they'll benefit from increased knowledge and therefore, increased usability. This allows employees to solve issues by themselves, increasing efficiency and promoting a healthy work environment.


We are always here to serve you and primarily to address technical issues relating to software implementation, function and upgrades. Our technical team resolves customer complaints or problems as quickly as they can.

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1 250 10.00
2 510 20.00
3 770 30.00
4 1030 40.00
5 1290 50.00
6 1550 60.00
7 1810 70.00
8 2070 80.00
9 2330 90.00
10 2590 100.00

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